Oh, those beautiful roses! + the rose spread

Roses are beautiful. Their sweetness lingers. Their vibrant color catches the eye. And they also have thorns! Very sharp thorns that can stick if you are not careful. The rose teaches us to be observant. Watchful of the rose, but more importantly of ourselves. We have to move with grace when we are around roses. Aware of her thorns and also aware of her beauty. We can easily get along if we are careful and observing.


Can you think of the roses in your life? The people who are like roses.

Try moving beyond their thorny branches. Forgiveness goes a long way. Can you see the beauty that lies within them? Can you appreciate them for who they are? Can you see how the roses are inviting you to work upon yourself? These roses in our lives are our greatest teachers. Have gratitude for them!


I have created a spread to help you gain more compassion, appreciation, gratitude and acceptance for yourself and the roses in your life.  I call it the rose spread, but this is no ordinary relationship reading. This spread is intended to help you honor yourself, the roses in your life and the relationships you hold with them. When we gain new insights with the Divine we are more able to reach true compassion, appreciation, gratitude and acceptance. When this happens we grow! We evolve! We reach new heights! How wonderful and exciting!

the rose spread

Card 1
The first card highlights your current strength. This aspect of you is well developed and strong right now. Keep it up!

Card 2
In card 2, Spirit and the angels ask you to see this aspect in the other. Look at them through the eyes of the Divine. See truth. Focus on love.

Card 3
The last card gives more insight on the purpose of the relationship. This is the main thing to work upon, practice and strengthen through the situations in this relationship.

All of our relationships offer us a wealth of opportunities to grow. It is an amazing thing to realize this. It is even more amazing to be able to hold compassion and gratitude for both the awesome relationships and the challenging ones! This spread can help you get there. You can use oracle cards or tarot cards with this spread. Give it a try and enjoy!

If you’d like to do the rose spread reading with me, please visit my shop and let me know. I am ready when you are!

Love & Hugs,
Warrior Woman



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