Ready for positive change?


When we are seeking positive change in our life I have found that it is beneficial to look at and review 5 important points. These are the main core levels of life and I call them the 5 points for positive change.

  1. Wealth/business/career
  2. Relationships
  3. Physical health
  4. Mental & emotional health
  5. Spiritual health

So, if you’re ready grab a pen and paper and write out the 5 points. Check in and take a personal inventory. Where are you currently at with each point in your life right now? Do you recognize any problems? Are you under-stocked anywhere? Look within yourself and around yourself. Be honest and write down whatever comes to mind.


Once you feel done with your personal inventory, go back and do a little brainstorming. Work on one point at a time and come up with ideas and ways that you can improve and create positive changes in each point in your life.

When you’re finished with that, set goals and make action plans for you to follow and accomplish.

I find this exercise and the process of writing everything out to be super clarifying and helpful! The first step to making positive change is to recognize the current situation and any issues so that we can plan how to solve them and move forward.

Making positive changes within yourself and your life is a process and a lifelong practice because we are always changing and always growing. I think the most important thing to remember and do is to take action today!


If you are seeking further guidance on how to create positive change within your life, let’s work together! I offer a reading called the 5 points for positive change where we specifically receive guidance from Spirit and your angels on these 5 main levels of you and your life. This reading is a supportive and empowering resource that can help you to navigate through your current life situations and enlighten you on how to move to where you want to be.

Book your reading with me here! 

Lots of Love,
Warrior Woman

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