Oracle & me!

  The following is a little Q&A about me and reading oracle 🙂


What do you like most about reading oracle? It is my favorite way to connect and communicate with Spirit. My favorite analogy is, oracle cards are like my Universal cell phone and I like to pick them up and give Heaven a call often 🙂 Through these conversations I always receive just what I need. Such as, peace, joy, upliftment, encouragement, grounding, support, guidance, love, inspiration or a higher perspective. Reading oracle benefits me in so many ways! I enjoy it so much that I love to share it with others!

When do you like to do a reading? I like to read oracle often! It’s a spiritual practice for me. I always start the day with a card for myself. It’s a nice way to greet each day and it serves as a reminder and focal point throughout my days. I also like to pick up the cards whenever I’m needing some support, clarity or guidance. A conversation with Spirit and the angels always serves me well!

Where do you like to do your oracle readings? I usually do my readings on the floor, while sitting on my yoga mat to be exact!

Why do you read oracle cards? I read oracle because it is pure joy for me! I love the process, I love to dive into the artwork and just allow myself to receive. I find the cards to be a such a beneficial and supportive tool for life.

How can you experience oracle with me? You may book a personal reading with me via my shop! Feel free to look around and message me with any questions. See you there!

You are also welcome to join me on Facebook where I share a daily oracle card and message.

Love & Hugs,
Warrior Woman

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