About me




A warrior woman dances to the beat of her own drum.
She follows her heart.
Her senses guide her.
Her intuition paves the way.
A warrior woman is a mother.
She is a leader.
She is a guide.
She is a teacher.
A warrior woman is a healer.
She knows.
She is confident.
She is wise.
A warrior woman is on her journey.
She grows.
She improves.
She transforms.
A warrior woman is strong, courageous and brave.
She rises above.
She is grounded in her power.
I am Warrior Woman!

My name Kelly, actually means warrior woman 🙂

I am an intuitive healer, reader, teacher and guide.

I believe I have always been these things, but my journey of remembering began during my adolescent years. It all began with a sincere attraction to Reiki and energywork. After high school I studied the healing arts and learned various forms of massage, bodywork, and energywork.  This led to further studies on many other things both spiritual and physical, like food, diet, natural healing methods, homeopathic medicine as well as angels, oracle and crystals!

I am a passionate learner and student of life and it is my joy to share my light (knowledge) with you! Here are my top favorite ways of doing so:

-sharing oracle with you!

-creating tools that nourish and support you on your own journey

-sharing resources and personal experience

It is my intention to enlighten and empower you with all that I create and share.
I invite you to join me if you please!

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