Oracle & me!

  The following is a little Q&A about me and reading oracle 🙂


What do you like most about reading oracle? It is my favorite way to connect and communicate with Spirit. My favorite analogy is, oracle cards are like my Universal cell phone and I like to pick them up and give Heaven a call often 🙂 Through these conversations I always receive just what I need. Such as, peace, joy, upliftment, encouragement, grounding, support, guidance, love, inspiration or a higher perspective. Reading oracle benefits me in so many ways! I enjoy it so much that I love to share it with others!

When do you like to do a reading? I like to read oracle often! It’s a spiritual practice for me. I always start the day with a card for myself. It’s a nice way to greet each day and it serves as a reminder and focal point throughout my days. I also like to pick up the cards whenever I’m needing some support, clarity or guidance. A conversation with Spirit and the angels always serves me well!

Where do you like to do your oracle readings? I usually do my readings on the floor, while sitting on my yoga mat to be exact!

Why do you read oracle cards? I read oracle because it is pure joy for me! I love the process, I love to dive into the artwork and just allow myself to receive. I find the cards to be a such a beneficial and supportive tool for life.

How can you experience oracle with me? You may book a personal reading with me via my shop! Feel free to look around and message me with any questions. See you there!

You are also welcome to join me on Facebook where I share a daily oracle card and message.

Love & Hugs,
Warrior Woman

Ready for positive change?


When we are seeking positive change in our life I have found that it is beneficial to look at and review 5 important points. These are the main core levels of life and I call them the 5 points for positive change.

  1. Wealth/business/career
  2. Relationships
  3. Physical health
  4. Mental & emotional health
  5. Spiritual health

So, if you’re ready grab a pen and paper and write out the 5 points. Check in and take a personal inventory. Where are you currently at with each point in your life right now? Do you recognize any problems? Are you under-stocked anywhere? Look within yourself and around yourself. Be honest and write down whatever comes to mind.


Once you feel done with your personal inventory, go back and do a little brainstorming. Work on one point at a time and come up with ideas and ways that you can improve and create positive changes in each point in your life.

When you’re finished with that, set goals and make action plans for you to follow and accomplish.

I find this exercise and the process of writing everything out to be super clarifying and helpful! The first step to making positive change is to recognize the current situation and any issues so that we can plan how to solve them and move forward.

Making positive changes within yourself and your life is a process and a lifelong practice because we are always changing and always growing. I think the most important thing to remember and do is to take action today!


If you are seeking further guidance on how to create positive change within your life, let’s work together! I offer a reading called the 5 points for positive change where we specifically receive guidance from Spirit and your angels on these 5 main levels of you and your life. This reading is a supportive and empowering resource that can help you to navigate through your current life situations and enlighten you on how to move to where you want to be.

Book your reading with me here! 

Lots of Love,
Warrior Woman

Oh, those beautiful roses! + the rose spread

Roses are beautiful. Their sweetness lingers. Their vibrant color catches the eye. And they also have thorns! Very sharp thorns that can stick if you are not careful. The rose teaches us to be observant. Watchful of the rose, but more importantly of ourselves. We have to move with grace when we are around roses. Aware of her thorns and also aware of her beauty. We can easily get along if we are careful and observing.


Can you think of the roses in your life? The people who are like roses.

Try moving beyond their thorny branches. Forgiveness goes a long way. Can you see the beauty that lies within them? Can you appreciate them for who they are? Can you see how the roses are inviting you to work upon yourself? These roses in our lives are our greatest teachers. Have gratitude for them!


I have created a spread to help you gain more compassion, appreciation, gratitude and acceptance for yourself and the roses in your life.  I call it the rose spread, but this is no ordinary relationship reading. This spread is intended to help you honor yourself, the roses in your life and the relationships you hold with them. When we gain new insights with the Divine we are more able to reach true compassion, appreciation, gratitude and acceptance. When this happens we grow! We evolve! We reach new heights! How wonderful and exciting!

the rose spread

Card 1
The first card highlights your current strength. This aspect of you is well developed and strong right now. Keep it up!

Card 2
In card 2, Spirit and the angels ask you to see this aspect in the other. Look at them through the eyes of the Divine. See truth. Focus on love.

Card 3
The last card gives more insight on the purpose of the relationship. This is the main thing to work upon, practice and strengthen through the situations in this relationship.

All of our relationships offer us a wealth of opportunities to grow. It is an amazing thing to realize this. It is even more amazing to be able to hold compassion and gratitude for both the awesome relationships and the challenging ones! This spread can help you get there. You can use oracle cards or tarot cards with this spread. Give it a try and enjoy!

If you’d like to do the rose spread reading with me, please visit my shop and let me know. I am ready when you are!

Love & Hugs,
Warrior Woman



The dreamer’s spread: for all those BIG dreamers out there!

So, you have this dream, a vision and it’s BIG! You can see it. You can see yourself in it. You believe in yourself and your dream 110%! It’s almost there; it’s almost real, but not quite. You’re feeling unsure on how to make it all happen. How do you bring this dream down from your vision bubble and into your life on earth? Meet the dreamer’s spread!

I have created this spread to help you sort it all out. This reading can be done with Oracle or Tarot cards, or a mixture of both! This spread will help you to get grounded, clear and motivated to bring your dreams down to earth with you.


Card 1.
The first card represents where you’re currently at in progress on your dream. This is a touch base card. It’s helpful to know where you currently are and “scan the now” before you take your next step.

Card 2.
This card brings you guidance and suggestions for what to work on now. Take notes and create goals to accomplish. Let Spirit guide you!

Card 3.
Card 3 is a message from your higher self. A note to self from self can be so clarifying.

Card 4.
The final card is advice and/or your next action step for how to bring your dream to life.

You have all the love and heart to make your dreams come true, but don’t forget the physical! Taking action and doing the groundwork is necessary to bring your dreams into your reality. The following affirmation is golden during the “make it happen” stages:  “Today, I take action on…” Try saying this every morning and watch the positive effects it brings to your motivation and productivity.

I find it beneficial to revisit this spread often as we ourselves and our dreams are always changing.  It’s great for whenever you need some guidance and/or motivation too.

If you are interested in a reading with me, either this one for the dreamers or any of the others that I offer, please head over to my shop and message me there. We can definitely make it happen!

Love and Hugs,

Warrior Woman