Follow your heart

enlighten your mind

empower your life!

I am an intuitive reader and I offer readings that can help you do all of the above. This is what my intuitive guidance readings are all about. A reading with me is a beneficial resource in helping you to be in the driver seat of your life. My intuitive guidance readings are a healing service that can bring you peace, reassurance, joy, motivation and highly valuable information when you are seeking clarity, guidance and support. What is more is that I love love love doing readings, it is my joy!

So how does it work?

Please visit my store to browse the readings that I currently offer.

When you order your reading through the store, please confirm your name and e-mail address that you would like your reading sent to. Your reading will be delivered to you through e-mail within 1-3 days after ordering. The e-mail response contains a written script of your reading as well as a photo of the cards from your reading. Everything shared in a reading is totally confidential.

Are you ready to enlighten and empower yourself?

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When is a reading helpful?

A reading is especially helpful whenever you are feeling stuck, uncertain or just needing some motivation. When you are seeking clarity, a reading can be so beneficial and supportive! A reading can help you on all levels of you and your life.

What kind of cards do you use?

In a reading I use oracle cards. These cards contain imagery, words, and sometimes numbers which contain unique symbolic information to me. Each card that I draw prompts me to intuit the information, messages, and guidance for the reading. The cards do not contain special powers, they are simply used as a tool.

Who exactly is it that you connect with?

I connect with what I call the Divine/Spirit/God/Heaven/Universe/Creator. We all call it something different, but all these words lead to the same source 🙂 One love!

I work with archangel Michael and many other archangels. I also work with Jesus, Mother Mary, my guardian angels and guides. These are all Divine beings of love and light that offer so much wisdom, support and love to all human beings. You need not be afraid of them!

Is this safe?

Yes! My intuitive guidance readings are an amazing tool that  can motivate and empower you to build the life, situations, and relationships that you so desire! We will shed light on your current situation and you will gain clarity and confidence on how to move forward.

If you’re feeling skeptical or unsure that is good! That is your internal radar searching for more information and clarity. My advice to you is to spend some quality time here on my website and also check me out on Facebook and YouTube. Feel out my vibe. This will help you know if you resonate with me and my work or not.

Also know that before each reading I pray for Divine protection and I hold the intention that all messages and information that comes to me is for the highest good of all concerned.

Do you read minds?

No. I am an intuitive reader. This means that I am able to pick up on the energies of a person, place or situation.

Do you predict the future?

I am not in the business of reading fortunes or telling you your future. My intuitive guidance readings are geared to enlighten, empower, and motivate you on your journey of self-improvement. I am here to share with you the information, LOVE and guidance that Spirit and your angels want you to know.

“I do not know everything; still many things I understand.” -Goethe